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Project Marketing Solutions

Project Marketing Solution service is an end to end marketing solution for builders and developers for their projects. PMS services relieve the manufactures from the nitty-gritty of sales and marketing activity of their project and allow them to concentrate only on the development and construction side of their business. It is basically outsourcing the selling activity of the project or rather creating a sales partner for their project.


As we all know, The Indian Government has taken a series of economical reforms and realty sector reforms initiatives e.g. Notebandi, GST, RERA implementation and “Housing for all” initiative. These reforms and decisions were taken in a very short span of time. The Realty sector was hit the most with these reforms. The industry was practically not prepared for these reforms and thus it has gone through a very tough and turbulence time.

 Since the Realty sector is a capital intensive industry and was the biggest place of cash transactions before this economical reform. Now the industry is struggling with a large number of unfinished projects and an equally large number of unsold units in almost every city and suburb. And these numbers have only been rising over the last couple of years. Most stakeholders in the real estate sector stayed silence during 2017.

 Builders and developers community has started feeling the heat of these sudden changes. Many ongoing projects across the country have started crippling and many upcoming projects were kept on hold with fear of uncertainty.

Going Forward

But now, the Demonetisation wave, RERA effect, and uncertain market environment seem to have settled down and now the prospect for the residential market is looking promising. Correction in GST Rate from 12% to (5% and 1%), reduction in home loan rate, linking the interest rate with repo rate of RBI, Ease of FDI funding for the real estate industry and thus increasing the liquidity for the sector, PMAY incentive from Govt and focus on affordable housing scheme and “housing for all by 2022” is giving positive impact on the realty sector.


But, with changes in the overall environment, the pattern of selling the project is also changed. It is more of a customer-centric approach now.

 At MakanMoney, we know the art and science of client acquisition. We offer a wide range of services and expertise to our builder and developer partner, which is very crucial for them in this changing market environment and will help them to sell their inventory with a smooth process within the stipulated time frame. Our expertise is supported by an exhaustive research process, designing the right marketing strategy for the said product, and executing the marketing plan through our result-oriented professional sales team.

Core Functions Of PMS

Project Feasibility Study

Step 1

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Step 2

Go To Market Strategy

Step 3

Affiliation Strategy

Step 4

Transaction Management

Step 5

Property Consultancy

Residential Property

At MakanMoney, we understand your every need while purchasing the residential property because we always put our self in your shoes.

Purchasing a residential property for any individual is a matter of great pride and achievement, but to be a proud owner of a residential property, one has to go through so many hurdles. Starting from identifying the right location, understanding the type of property, his budget allocation as per his limitation and liabilities, searching, identifying and creating a pool of properties, evaluating each property on its strength and weakness, finalising the right property, legal and technical scrutiny of the property, choosing the perfect bank for housing loan and processing the loan, completing the registry of property, and finally smooth possession of property…….. One has to go through so many physical, emotional, social and psychological hurdles.

 We at MakanMoney take you through along within this journey, navigate you to reach the right decision and always be with you in the entire process.


Layout Scheme

Many people have the concept of having “Apni Jamin- Apna Ghar”, so they intend to go for plot and construct the home. Also, Plot is one of the best investment tool since the investment requires relatively less capital.

In the past, many people have burnt their fingers in plot purchases because of the notorious and greedy nature of many developers. In the past, many developers have created a sallow hype in the market, showcasing the “Non-Starter MIHAN” development as a real game-changer in Nagpur market, which was only on paper, projecting their schemes at different marketing platform and thus playing with sentiments of investors and retails client. But once the bubble of MIHAN has burst, the reality was there to see for everyone and people have lost their money and of course faith in layout scheme. But now, the scenario of layout business has changed for good. With the advent of many government regulations and RERA, the notorious developers have vanished from the market. Also, better development of Nagpur city, the actual development of MIHAN, Realistic pricing, awareness of client has resulted in many developed layout schemes with better amenities and facilities in the market.

We at MakanMoney, advise you on the right kind of layout scheme as per client need, budget and location requirement.

Affordable Housing


The government defines Affordable Housing as ‘Social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing, provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the market’

 Affordable housing refers to the housing units that are affordable with respect to those whose income is below the average household income. These are cheap apartments and houses that low-income people, middle-income people, and economically weaker section income group can manage to buy without much financial strain.

  • Context – The inward migration of people from rural and semi-urban areas is continually on growth due to the increasing aspiration of these people in terms of employment opportunity, better education for their wards and better lifestyle of the urban area. Thus Pull as well as Push factors are effectively working for shifting them from rural to urban areas. The fact that the majority of these migrants hail from lower-income groups, brings the need for “Affordable Housing” into the limelight.
  • Affordable housing lies in different price brackets for different income groups in different cities and different locations of the city. The affordable house market price can start at as low as 5 lacs to 50 lacs depend upon city and location. Affordable house is characterized by a space-saving architecture design that fits all the space of basic needs. A bit of compromise is made to the living quality in an affordable house, which is acceptable to these new classes of clients.

  • The Government Initiative – The Government of India has responded to the rising demand for affordable housing in India with several affordable housing schemes, Prime Minister Awas Yojana ( PMAY) and Housing for all by 2022. which was targeted directly the first time home buyers. The affordable housing sector, in its current state, is a shortage of 10 million houses ( in urban areas) is in no way equipped to cater to the burgeoning demand. The PMAY launched in 2015 aims to address these challenges of housing sector among low-income groups in cities and has the aspiration of providing houses of 20 million by 2022 ( Housing for all)
  • Private Participation– Adding the flavor, a large number of developers are making inroads into this segment and they are finding it lucrative due to increasing demand in this segment. Thus private participation narrative in this affordable housing space is changing favorably. There is going to be action-packed activity in affordable housing space until 2022, thus making “ Housing for all “ a commercially viable opportunity.

Affordable Luxurious Housing

The concept of Affordable Luxurious Housing has emerged as a new perception. Finding a middle ground between low-cost housing and upgraded standards is meeting the modern expectations of consumers within a specific budget. This trend has made a potential point of growth for the real estate market from 2019 onwards

 The realty sector of India is going through a transaction phase post different economical reforms and sector-specific reforms, I,e Notebandi, GST, RERA and operational clamping on different  NBFCs. With so much going on in the market, consumer of India was seen making compromises on the housing choices they make.

  • Evolved Consumer

Upgraded living standards are not unknown anymore to the consumer of India. Affordable Luxurious Housing is an evolving choice for consumers. This segment of the house is a popular choice among newlyweds and the young generation with aspects such as social design and infrastructure, available amenities, nearby places, available conveyance along with other traditional deciding attributes such as size and location. The scale of measuring luxury housing options thus has lengthened.

People are more inclined to move in suburbs areas now, with increased connectivity and better infrastructure development. The consumer of the middle income group is able to switch from low-cost house plans to Affordable Luxurious Housing options in their fixed budget. This trend is now becoming the driving force for the struggling real estate sector in India. Now, real estate companies in India are reinventing new ways to feed consumer desires with luxury cards such as spaciousness, recreational facilities and evolved the architectural design, etc.

  • Design Innovation                                                                                                 The want for luxury is satiated by innovation. Innovation in architectural design, space management, sustainable solutions and much more are now replacing the traditional designs. Consumers are attracted to the offers of affordable and revolutionizing housing options. Solar system, rainwater harvesting, wind power generation are additional segments of property design and development of affordable housing in India. Substantially, people of higher income groups too are adopting this trend, rather than spending more money on traditional luxury options. More and more people thus are moving on towards this Affordable Luxurious Housing tend.
  • Wrapping Up2019 real estate development in India is expected to massively be responding to the above-mentioned factors. Today, the effect of unprecedented growth of the Indian affordable housing segment is felt not in the country but abroad as well. This is encouraging extensive investment from NRIs and foreign investors alike. The government is also making favorable laws and policies in this direction which is encouraging higher FDI flow in the realty sector.
  • At MakanMoney, we help the prospective client of different income segments of society in finding the right kind of Affordable Housing and Affordable Luxurious house. In this process, we follow the due diligence process, which enables them a smooth and satisfying property buying experience.

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